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CBS News

Using diet to counter the effects of multiple sclerosis
CBS News
A new study of multiple sclerosis patients examines how a strict diet may ease the symptoms of the disease. MS, a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system, affects about 400,000 people in the U.S., and is two to three times more ...

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Fox News

This woman lost 99 pounds without following a diet
Fox News
This woman lost 99 pounds without following a diet. By Olivia Lambert Published July 23, 2017. Facebook; Twitter; Comments; Email; Print. weight loss. (iStock). A 23-year-old who lost 99 pounds has confessed she hates diets and revealed ...

The Boston Globe

Boston fitness firm wants to add DNA to your diet
The Boston Globe
There's no such thing as a “fat gene,” a single genetic factor that explains our doublechins and love handles. But Boston-based FitNow Inc., maker of the popular fitness app Lose It!, said it has the next-best thing: a genetic test that generates ...
With Helix's Help, Lose It Adds Genetic Insights to Weight Loss AppXconomy

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The seven-day GM diet is back – but is it actually good for you?
Shoulder pads, sequins, and a seven-day diet plan that asks you to eat eight bananas in one day – the 80s certainly gifted us with some weird and wonderful trends. And now (along with the shoulder pads and sequins), that diet plan is making a comeback.

High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Damages Offspring Brain Development and Mental Health
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Mothers who eat a high-fat diet during pregnancy could be harming the development of their childrens' brains and their early mental health, according to new research in non-human primates. Prior epidemiological studies in humans have linked maternal ...
Study: High-fat diet during pregnancy can create depressed
In Animal Study, High Fat Diet in Pregnancy Ups Risk of Mental Health Issues in
Craving junk food during pregnancy? A high-fat diet causes IRREVERSIBLE anxiety and depression in children, study ...Daily Mail
NDTV -Doctor NDTV -TheHealthSite
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Dear Dr. Roach: Choose a better diet and exercise regimen for health
Herald & Review
A: The vast majority of patients I see who are overweight know they are overweight, and have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. Often, they have tried multiple different types of diets, sometimes having success in the short term but then having ...

South China Morning Post

Four ways diet could help reduce ADHD symptoms in children
South China Morning Post
The Mediterranean diet – high in fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts and legumes, and low in red meat, eggs, dairy products, and sweets – is celebrated for its positive effects on the brain, especially later in life. Physicians recommend it for ...

Diabetes can be addressed holistically, emphasizing diet, exercise, medications, mental health
“If you have emotional issues surrounding food, and not even just that, but things that maybe affect somebody in their past, traumatic events ... there's a mental health component there as well to help correct what it was that lead to somebody having ...

BBC News

Trying the Hadza hunter-gatherer berry and porcupine diet - BBC ...
BBC News
The Hadza are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in the world. Could their diet hold lessons for everyone?

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Blood type diet is no fad, doctor says
"It's interesting because the diseases that the blood types were prone to, pretty much closely matched what happened if you ate the wrong diet." As for weight loss, D'Adamo says its simple: knowing your blood type helps you understand how your body ...

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