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Scientific American

Jellyfish Caught Snoozing Give Clues to Origin of Sleep
Scientific American
The purpose and evolutionary origins of sleep are among the biggest mysteries in neuroscience. Every complex animal, from the humblest fruit fly to the largest blue whale, sleeps—yet scientists can't explain why any organism would leave itself ...
Even Without a Brain, Jellyfish Still Need to SleepSmithsonian
Even Jellyfish SleepThe Atlantic
Do All Animals Sleep? Brainless Jellyfish Still Need Rest, Study FindsNewsweek
Washington Post -New York Times -Caltech
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How to use tech to get a good night's rest and improve your sleep
Most of us know about “circadian rhythms” and the “sleep cycle.” We have a basic idea of REM, and know it's not best to wake up during a “deep sleep.” But all of this was academic. It's not like you can watch yourself sleep. Alarm clocks have always ...

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New York Times

Technology Used to Track Players' Steps Now Charts Their Sleep, Too
New York Times
Sleep is tracked to understand how a player recovers — and to nudge him to recover more. Accelerometers tell coaches how quickly a defensive back gets to the line of scrimmage. Most top teams seem to be doing something, but the technology is no longer ...


US Navy Orders Sailors to Get More Sleep After Recent Collisions
The U.S. military is concerned its sailors are getting so little sleep on deployment that they're rendered as unfit for work as if they were drunk. A new directive by the head of Naval Surface Forces and obtained by Stars and Stripes demands that naval ...
US Navy Creates New Sleep, Watch Rules After Fatal Ship CollisionsOne America News Network (press release)

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Undiagnosed sleep apnea caused 2 NYC train crashes. Could you have sleep apnea, too?
The engineers, who were diagnosed after the crashes, had no memory of the events that killed one person and injured more than 200 others. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that sleep apnea is a probable cause of 10 other highway and ...
Middlesex Hospital: Sleep ApneaWTNH Connecticut News (press release)
Sleeping better, five years laterMinneapolis Star Tribune

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Huffington Post Canada

Exercise And Sleep Can Turn The Page On Student Pressure
Huffington Post Canada
The sad irony is that getting more exercise and sleep could also improve smarts and grades. A large body of research has shown that physical activity can improve memory, attention span, concentration and creativity. A U.S. study has shown that exercise ...

Strange but true: Sleep deprivation can help depression. Penn scientists want to know why
Scientists have been studying sleep deprivation and depression ever since. A University of Pennsylvania research team has brought the data up to the present with a new meta-analysis — a study that pools data from other people's studies — of the last ...
Sleep deprivation might be the antidote for depression | New York PostNew York Post
Sleep deprivation could temporarily CURE depression for half of patients, surprising study findsDaily Mail
Penn study confirms anti-depressant effects of sleep
Well+Good -New Atlas -Monthly Prescribing Reference (registration)
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White noise, pillow inflator and other tech to help you sleep better
More than a third of Americans say they don't get the recommended seven hours or more of sleep per night, and more than 12,000 TODAY viewers responded to an online quiz about sleep. As Savannah Guthrie reveals the results, sleep expert Dr. Rebecca ...

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep for an Improved Mood and Productive Day
Inside Edition
“The more consistently you go to sleep, and more specifically, the more consistently you wake up, the better off your quality of sleep is and the better off your quantity of sleep is,” Dr. Breus said. “So, if you wake up at 6:30 in the morning during ...

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New survey reveals the most sleep-deprived majors of 2017
The Tab
Animal Science is the major with the most sleep-deprived students in America, according to a new survey, as they sleep just 4.9 hours per night. And notoriously tough majors like Architecture, Biochemistry and Engineering all sleep around just six ...

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